Roko – One Minute Short Film


Created for the Film Riot and Filmstro One Minute Short Film Competition. Roko is a short film based on the philosophical concept of Roko’s Basilisk, a very real concept dealing with the repercussions surrounding virtual worlds and artificial intelligence.

Find out more on the wikipedia page (https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Roko's_...), but be forewarned, doing so means you no longer have plausible deniability to the things you may discover.

I'm sorry.

I was inspired to create this short for the Film Riot One Minute short film competition, even though it has been a concept that I've been toying with the best way of executing for a while now. It is a topic that deserves more than one minute to explore the full reality and repercussions contained within.

Watch it in 4k with the volume turned up!

Matt Fowler

Melissa Minkovsky

Stunt Coordinator/Rigger - Nick Goehner

Location Sound - Manuel Lopez Cano

Grips - Albert De Jong, Sean Gallagher

Dead Guy - Sean Gallagher

Drone Pilot - Matt Lavin

Written and Directed by Josh Mabie

Additional Writing by Max Ornstein

Consultant - Dave Schatz

Special Thanks - Linda Larson and Joseph Barry

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