Killigrew – Fireflies (Official Music Video)

I was ecstatic when Chris from Killigrew and I began discussing the look and feel of his first ever official music video.


The vibe and tone were something that I couldn't to explore and I'm a huge fan of nature and returning to nature to find your inspiration which is what this piece is about.


From Chris -


I'm happy to finally reveal my FIRST official music video "Fireflies". It's a song about learning, falling, getting back up again, growing wings, simply to glow and to persevere :) 5 years ago while I was making the original Animus album there was one song that never got quite completed. However it never left my mind. For all these years since 2013 I've been humming this song thinking at some point I will forget about it. Until Josh reached out to me by the end of 2017 asking me if I would like to collaborate on a music video project. I sent him a bunch of demos and he fell in love with "Fireflies". If you're into oldschool melodic dubstep and chillstep I think it might resonate in just the right places. Sharing this with your friends and family it would mean the world to me. I hope you enjoy.


With love, Killigrew


Credits: Dancer - Melissa Minkovsky (@melissa_minkovsky)

Fire spinner - Jess Linderman (@jessthewanderess)

Fan spinner - Kiyoshi Shishido (@kiki_yoshi)

Directed by Josh Mabie (@joshmabie)

Director of Photography Josh Mabie and David Tayar (@davidtayar)

Camera Operators Josh Mabie, David Tayar

Special thanks to Meara Buehne and Nick Goehner

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